Who is J’Renee?  

Jennifer Renee Browne, born September 12, 1980, better known as J’Renee, is an American born, Caribbean infused sultry soul singer. Born to a Virgin Islander father and an American mother whom both were musically talented, set the precedence for what would inevitably become...J’Renee the artist. 

Raised in South Central Los Angeles, her talents were discovered as many of her musically brilliant predecessors (Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin), in the church. Honing and sharpening her craft, she drew inspiration from her favorite artists such Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Arie, Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder.    

2008 led J’Renee to Phoenix, Arizona, where she’d become the lead vocalist for Smooth Grooves in addition to making frequent guest performances with other local bands such as The Chosen Few, Mothers Favorite Child and New Groove. 2012 found J’Renee in the studio working on her first album which boast her eclectic range from neo-soul tunes and R&B love ballads to her Caribbean inspired first single.  J’Renee’s first digitally released single is an inspiring telling song about “life’s storms” and her self-realization that these lessons only make you stronger in “Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down”, as she effortlessly croons this awakening moment over a mellow reggae rhythm. 

Persistent to staying true to her beginnings, J’Renee continues to showcase her skills and please her fans through live performances on the local Phoenix Lounge circuit (Michael’s Cafe Phoenix, Arizona and Encore Lounge Chandler, Arizona). Extraordinary Live Performer, Sultry Songstress, Multi-faceted voice...SHE is J’Renee!



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