Lamont Keller - Bassist

Lamont Keller - Renowned bassist, teacher/educator, writer and producer. 

Lamont started his professional career at the young age of 12. Born in Indiana, and the youngest sibling of 10, music transformed itself into an outlet for him. Taught by his uncle, Lamont picked up the bass and never looked back. He displayed an early affinity for all types of music. By the age of 13 he was working regularly in Los Angeles with various bands. Soon thereafter, he went on a world tour with a heavy metal band, “Garage Pieces” for 3 years.

In the late 90’s, Lamont spent years as a top call Los Angeles studio musician, working mainly with Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest.  He continued working and playing for a veterans list of credits, including Grammy and Dove award winning producers and artists: Digital Underground, Brownstown, Vesta, Kenny Latimore and Kelly Price. Lamont traveled globally, playing for jazz, rock, funk and soul bands, from the "Chitlin Circuit" to sold out arenas all over Europe.

Lamont Keller is known for his eclectic groove sound and his improvisational skill and utterly unique, free-spirited approach to performance and composition. He is compared and recognized to be a collective mix between James Jamerson, Ricky Kinchen and Stanley Clarke. Lamont’s direct approach to the music business, has equipped him with the endurance and focus to maintain the constant decrease of influential live music.  

In the past several years, Keller has also turned his attention to teaching and conducting bass workshops for students interested in the enrichment of music education. He has also toured with a group of artists called “Got Rhythm” and “Stepology” featuring tapper, Channing Cook-Holmes and John Kloss, teaching the art of rhythm through movement and music. Lamont is currently the CEO of D’Coz Entertainment, a name dedicated to his loving grandmother, Delores Costella, his angel in the sky. Lamont is currently the bass player for one the largest churches in Phoenix, AZ.

Lamont’s passion for music and live performance has become an essential part of his life, but comes second to his family life. Mr. Keller is a devout husband, father, and grandfather and committed to them foremost. He lives by his own personal quote, “I am more than just a musician, I am a man first.” Lamont’s life has been a reflection of the black musician experience in America that at times, seem insurmountable. Lamont is an excellent example of a musician that can stand the test of time.

A dope bass player: Strength, Integrity and Talent