Larry Munoz is a recording artist that has lots of great tones and sound within him. Here are some key facts about him and his career below. Feel free to read and hear more of him on We are honored to have him as part of the New Groove Band!

 ~Age 14 ~1982 ~ First concert as a high school freshman soloing on the alto sax playing "What I Did For Love" at Bonanza High School in Las Vegas, NV

~ Age 17 ~One of two high school seniors representing Nevada in the '85-'86 McDonald's All-American High School Band~ Principal Alto Sax

~ Age 20-21 ~Played the "Memories of Elvis" show in Las Vegas, NV for a year and a half.

~ Age 22-23 ~Played house bands for Norwegian Cruise Lines (Southward & Starward), then more free-lancing

~ Age 24-29 ~Graced with a steady gig with The Patriot Band mostly in Laughlin, NV from 1992-1997 prior to earning a Bachelor's Degree in CIS at DeVry Institue of Technology in Phoenix, AZ

~ Age 42 ~Assembled a 5-piece contemporary jazz group playing at Warren's Jazz Bistro in October, 2011

~ Age 43 ~Lead Tenor/Alto for the PUMA Jazz Ensemble under Dennis Saloky's direction from the Fall of 2011 through the Spring of 2013

~ Age 45 ~Laz Jazz CD is released

~ Age 46 ~Laz Jazz debut concert at the MIM

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