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About OneGunn

A captivating professional entertainer, praised by fellow artists for his versatility in musical genre which he demonstrates in live and studio performances.  He is sought after by producers for his vocal talents and keen ear in the studio, while his commanding acting ability is sure to steal any scene. These skills combined with his musical writing talents make OneGunn a solid choice for any entertainment endeavor.

Born to a well-known Milwaukee musician and a passionate educator, entertaining was in the house and in the blood! Marvin’s professional career began as a drummer at the age of 12 with local groups and stage performances. The move to Minneapolis in the early 80’s, is where his career soared with the group MAZARATI. MAZARATI produced the opportunity to perfect his keyboard skills and showmanship. Marvin’s strong vocals and professionalism was a much appreciated asset to the already talented group of musicians. Prince bassist and protégé created the band with silent yet strong support behind the scenes from Prince.

Following several years of performing throughout the United States, MAZARATI was soon signed to Paisley Park/Warner Brothers Records, and released their first single (100M.P.H) which rose to #19 on the Billboard charts. The Album was co-Produced by Brown Mark, Prince and David Rivkin.

In addition to MAZARATI, Marvin demonstrated his studio savvy by vocally collaborating on what was to become Prince’s #1 hit and Grammy Award winning single “Kiss”. 

In the mid 90’s, it was his great fortune to meet talented producer Oliver Leiber. Marvin was able to demonstrate his studio savoir-faire while performing the song “Obsessed” on the movie sound track “Bright Lights Big City”. This work was soon surpassed by his vocal performance as co-lead vocalist with Paula Abdul (aka: MC Skat Kat) on her #1 hit single “Opposites Attract”. Additional vocal performances by OneGunn on Paula’s Album included “Forever Your Girl” and “It’s Just The Way That You Love Me”.

In 2006, Marvin’s passion for the arts drew him out west. He has since written and produced songs for several independent films. The time spent on film production sets reminded him of his early passion for the stage. He has since appeared in independent films, commercials, Interactive-Theatre and as an Entertainment Host. Periodically you may even catch him performing locally with a few of his favorite musicians! As of late, the highly anticipated release of OneGunn’s debut CD was released in the summer of 2014.