It's Floria

It's Floria

The Call

There are people going through life that we meet and we are able to keep going. Then there are those who no matter how long time passes that we meet whenever we reconnect we pick back up where we left of from. I’ll never forget the day after year’s passing Floria called and asked how things were going and asked me to be the Musical Director of her new CD. She was way nervous and I had lots of things going on and my physical man said No but my spirit man kept saying YES! I told her to give me a few days and let me talk with my wife about it and I’ll get back to her.

Almost two years later that one phone call to be a musical director has transition into becoming a Producer and Executive Producer to this project to keep it going. Something I learned about myself in the midst of being a producer and team player with this project was how I love to motivate and drive people to their destiny. We’ve had many days when Floria wanted to quit and I kept pushing. I’m grateful for NG Entertainment and the team that GOD had in place and that made it work in spite the obstacles and played each track from there heart and spirit.

NG Entertainment looks forward to seeing “It’s Floria,” our first artist to ever produce flourish in all that GOD has for her and her musical career. It’s been a blessing and a huge growing curve watching all aspects of this journey with Its Floria come together. Special thanks to all the band members and production team who brought this piece together. Chris Grimsley & Sideline Records for tracking the project, Jonathan Nilsen on Guitar, JJ Norwood on Drums, Dane Cole and Chris Adams on Keys and Ray Love as Bassist/Musical Director/Producer.

For booking information on Its Floria please click contact us and we will respond quickly. Please stay tune for the release of this Project in "2018"..

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