Floria is a native of Arizona and held her first microphone at First Pentecostal Church, the church of her birth. She has had a lifelong passion music and ministry.


Along with Floria’s passion for music is her love for media, especially radio. In 2011 she created a morning internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio called “Platinum Mornings.” Three months into the show she acquired a large audience of listeners who would interact via chat while enjoying the show. This caught the attention of two people: Ken Rose of Blythe Whitaker Entertainment (now Get Global Network), and Martin with First Choice Management. Together, with their marketing and branding expertise, they helped her take the Platinum Mornings show to the #1 spot in the music category on Blog Talk Radio. As her show grew in popularity, other internet stations began carrying her shows on their internet radio stations and she was self-producing 15 shows per week.


In 2016, Floria started the “Keep Believing” Show with Apostle Eddie Tate. Keep Believing was a faith-filled bible teaching talk show featuring Eddie Tate as the Co-host. Always a woman with a message and an entrepreneurial spirit Floria continues to build and grow her internet site and blog www.azgospel.com.


In an effort to improve her craft, Floria enrolled in the Digital Audio and Recording course at Mesa Community College where she was taught how to record and mix music. This was a turning point for her because the knowledge she gained helped her produce not only her songs, but her radio shows.


Songwriting was an undeveloped talent for Floria and she set about honing her craft in it. In 2012, Floria entered a demo of her song “No Words” into a songwriting contest and was a runner up contestant.


Floria believes that no victory or success is too small to acknowledge and was honored that her music was enjoyed enough to be featured on the Doc Speaks Show and her song “God’s Grace is the Greatest Gift” is currently being used to spotlight the following website: https://www.neheba.com/ .


Pastor Phreddie Minniefield, Word Life Family Church




Floria is a staple at WordLife Family Church where she visits regularly, playing and singing with the praise and worship team there.



Apostle Eddie Tate




In 2015, Floria joined in with Kingdom Way International Ministries and was ordained to pastor under the guidance of Apostle Eddie Tate. She began The Ocean Ministries with a small group of believers.


Floria is currently writing her first book to accompany her It’s Floria CD. She is very passionate that God has so much in store for those who will believe. She states: “Ministry is a challenge. It looks glamorous from the outside, but it is a daily challenge of faith.” Chapter by chapter Floria shares how she has daily believed God to bless her in her worship ministry, as an artist and a songwriter.



Pit 2 Palace Records and 2 The Ocean Music Publishing


As an independent artist, Floria founded Pit 2 Palace Records as the pit stop of her music and 2 The Ocean Music Publishing as the administrative arm of her publishing. As her ministry and business grows, it is her future desire to see other artists come into her Christian label.



Ray and Nicole Love


Floria has always been trusted with worship by the pastors she served. In 2005 while serving at Life Changers Church, she met Ray Love. Floria would sing and lead worship on the Wednesday night bible study, but was alone with no other musicians to help. Whenever possible, Ray Love would bring his bass guitar and join in with her. There, a friendship began. As the years elapsed, they lost contact, but never friendship.


In January of 2017, Floria was being stirred in her spirit to do a CD of some of the songs she had written. She knew it would take a step of faith. She wanted to put a band together and thought she would start with Ray since he was the bass player who would come and help her at the Wednesday night service. In contacting Ray, she had no idea that he had a business of employing musicians and booking them in valley venues or that he worked with artists. He would plug in his bass, play and then go home. Little did she know that in this step of faith, Ray would not only play the bass for her, he would also co-produce the project with her. Ray embraced Floria’s vision and placed his company alongside her as she reached for the next level of her faith and ministry.


Floria’s call to ministry and desire is to share her songs of worship with your church. She enjoys worshipping as a whole on Sunday mornings, with the women at women fellowship meetings, at conferences and wherever two or three are gathered in His name. The desire of her heart is not to entertain, perform or put on a show, but it is to worship into the presence of God. It is for this purpose and this purpose alone, that she seeks to be welcomed to your fellowship of believers.

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