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Keep Believing

It's Floria

Credits: Executive Producer, Raymond Love, NG Entertainment, LLC, Songwriter, It’s Floria, 2 The Ocean Music Publishing,,Vocals, It’s Floria, 2 The Ocean Music Publishing, Special Guest Vocalist on "Keep Believing Remix"- Mr. Moorez Packer. Bass Guitar, Raymond Love, NG Entertainment, LLC , Lead Guitar, Jonathan Nilsen, Drums, JJ Norwood, Recorded at Sideline Records by Chris Grimsley, Keys and pads, Chris Adams, Von Jovie Music ,Mix Engineer, Chris Grimsley, Sideline Records , Vocal Engineer, Anthony Kinchion, Mastering Engineer, Warren Ross, United Mastering , Original Arranger, Jimmy Brown, EK Productions

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My name is Floria and I am home grown in Phoenix. I grew up watching my cousin Patte Williams singing in clubs and venues around the Phoenix Valley. And for a while I sang with her. I watched as she went from venue to venue singing and wowing crowds. Then as I came into the church I saw the same thing. Many singers singing the same songs over and over, year after year. That’s when I began to see the difference between singers and artists. There are many thousands of awesome singers - everywhere on Youtube, the Voice, Facebook, American Idol - you name it. But there are very few ARTISTS. An artist sets forth who they are by their songs. Their songs are crafted around them as artists. Their songs are their statement to the world.


So it was never my goal to be just a singer. It was always my goal to be an Artist. I didn’t want to spend my entire life singing covers. At some point, I wanted to branch out, be me and find my own voice in this big world of many singers and songs. 


This album was very personal to me because these songs told my journey. Each song was diverse and expressive. My style was different and unique, yet hard to forget. As an artist I’ve learned that next to your lyrics, the most important thing is the production and the producer that you bring to the table. In earlier songs I used one producer who tracked out every instrument. With this project, I took a different approach and used studio musicians. The fascinating thing about using this approach is that you get the skill and uniqueness of each musician as opposed to just one person. 


For example, engineer Chris Grimsley had Jonathan the guitar player do unique rifts to emulate what I was singing via overdubs. Jonathan used various foot pedals to create unique sounds and brought in his classical experience as a classically trained guitarist. There were songs where the bassist used an electric bass and played melodies an octave higher. Chris Adams added warm keys and patches and infused his soulful rifts. JJ Norwood flipped the drum beat and rhythms - everybody musician added their own special touch to each song. This is what I mean by “artistry” in production.


One of the most important things for an Artist is developing your own style, your brand and your image and this is ever developing as the Artist grows. I entrusted my first project to NG Entertainment. I came with 7 songs that I had written and wanted produced using gifted musicians. I was very pleased with the outcome and very pleased to be the first Produced Artist of NG Entertainment. I have an album that I am very proud of and one that has created a. platform for me. It was a launching pad for me as a songwriter, singer and most importantly an artist. 


With this project under my belt, I now have books to write, more songs to write, TV shows to create and so many goals that I aspire to reach. My platform is at - and I would love for you can keep up with me there. 


Finally if you are a singer who desires to take the next step and create your own unique project and you’re looking for a place to get started, NG Entertainment would be a great “First Step.” Take a listen to my project and you will hear the quality for yourself.


It’s Floria