Liturgical Dance & Mimes


The art of miming originated in ancient Greece, and the word mime is taken from a masked artist named Pantomimus. Miming is the art of conveying a message through exaggerated gestures or body movements without the use of words or props. A mime is a person who specializes in this art.

In recent years, miming has entered the church as part of dance and drama ministries. Within the last few decades, art, dance, and mime have made their way into church services as creative ways of expressing worship. Traditionally, mimes often paint their faces white and wear all black to draw attention to their body movements.

Today, mime has expanded using different types of colors for clothing representing spiritual meaning. Flags are also used in today's praise dance and mime.

Nicole first began praise dancing at the age of eight, with a small group of girls, through First Christian Fellowship Baptist Church. At the age of twelve, Nicole had her first experience, serving as a youth leader praise dancer and choreographer in the Dance/Performing Arts Ministry while attending New Hope Christian Church.

Her inspiration and leadership of dance came from a big sister in Christ, Cressi Mayo.  Cressi was her push to becoming her own independent minister in dance. Over the course of her young adult life, Nicole began producing stage production dances and plays. She ministered as an independent mime and praise dancer all throughout her high school years and college. This experience exposed her to True Love Waits conferences, women's conferences, Mother's Day teas and church anniversaries. She has served in multiple ministries throughout the valley such as; Greater Impact Church, formerly New Hope Christian Church, Life Changers Worship Center, formerly Living By The Word, Real Life Ministries, and Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, to name a few.

Today, Nicole is an active member of CrossRoads Church under leadership of Pastors Tim and Mellissa Hill. Nicole continues to pursue opportunities teaching ministry dance/productions.  Aside from dance she has pursued work experience in the financial industry.

She is happily married to Raymond Love and a proud mother of two wonderful children. Conclusively, she is blessed and elated to be The Director of Dance with New Groove Entertainment.