Jermaine Lockhart

Tenor saxophonist Jermaine Lockhart has performed gospel music, jazz, straight-ahead and rhythm and blues. His versatility has won respect from jazz lovers in many areas. He has shared the stage with Gospel artist Isreal Houghten, James Moody, David Garfield and several local artists in the Cleveland, Detroit and Phoenix area. He has opened for Earl Klugh, The Crusaders, Stanley Turrentine, Bob Newhart, Roy Ayers, Jeff Lorber, Angie Bofill, Michael Paulow, Pieces of a Dream, Brian Auger and Bob James just to mention a few. Jermaine is motivated by musicians like John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, Thelonius Monk because they pushed for a unique different sound that touched the mind and soul of listeners. And that’s what he reaches for, to play music that will enlighten the mind and touch the soul and spirit of listeners.

Jermaine Lockhart was born in Cleveland, Ohio where his father is the pastor at a Pentecostal Church C.O.G.I.C. Jermaine played the drums for the choir in church, and was inspired by the examples of his mother who plays and teaches several instruments, his father who plays the organ, his uncle Carl Lockhart who played the drums, his uncle Chris Lockhart who plays the organ and the bass guitar and his aunt who plays the organ. Although drums were his first instrument, Jermaine started to play the saxophone in junior high school. By the time he reached high school, his talent for the instrument was so obvious he began playing in his high school's jazz band. During this time he won many awards for his school as Best Reed Player and was awarded the Louis Armstrong Award, which remains on the wall in the music room today. While in high school he quickly developed a love for jazz music and began playing at clubs in the Cleveland area. Although he pursued jazz as his primary interest, Jermaine was influenced by a diverse range of musical sources, gospel, jazz, blues, pop, salsa, and r&b.

After completing high school, Jermaine was awarded a scholarship to study music at Oberlin Conservatory, in Oberlin, Ohio. Soon after he was immediately hired by Forecast one of the most creative jazz groups in Cleveland. Forecast taught him how to perform before an audience. What to play and when to play and how to apply the theory and technical teachings of Oberlin Conservatory. After studying at Oberlin Conservatory Jermaine almost put music aside for a more practical career. He continued his education at the Appraisal Institute and became a Certified General Appraiser and AQB Certified USPAP Instructor. After spending several years in real estate,he decided that pursuing his music career would make him most happy.

Musically, he is most encouraged by people commenting that when they hear him play, it touches their soul, they don't hear just a saxophone; they feel the positive energy that he works hard to release. He would like people to feel better leaving performances than how they came, leaving with a positive charged mind, soul and spirit. The smiles from the audience and tears from joy is what gives him satisfaction. The God given ability to help people feel better through the vibrations of music is what makes Jermaine most happy. "It's a motivating blessing".


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